Blog: Spring 2020 in Ruskin Park

Tree with rainbow in Ruskin ParkBy Lucy Hadfield, Chair of the Friends of Ruskin Park

More frequent visits to Ruskin Park have become an key part of so many people’s lockdown experience.

I have never appreciated the park more. I have valued having to slow down, noticing many details for the first time in a park I thought I knew pretty well.

Spring has passed in slow-motion with extraordinary clear days full of birdsong and magnificent sunsets, transforming the winter landscape into full summer greenery. Three goslings will be teenagers soon. The rhododendrons’ blooms and the handkerchief tree were splendid.

Tim, Ruskin Park’s own attendant, has been working solidly throughout, together with other Lambeth Landscapes peripatetic staff. They are reminding us how the park can look with more TLC than it has had for years.

The Labyrinth Garden looks much tidier now. More planting and maintenance will continue here over the next year.

13 new trees have been planted and we have said goodbye to more than one ash tree in the playing fields, with a proud life span of about a century.

Covid and its consequences may be driving us humans up the wall, but thank goodness nature carries on regardless

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