The children’s playground is designed for children up to the age of 12 and is very popular with local families. It is fenced off and dog free.

Paddling Pool

This is a much loved and well used facility for local families. The paddling pool is filled from the spring bank holiday weekend at the end of May until mid-September.

FoRP took responsibility for running the paddling pool in Ruskin Park from summer 2016 after Lambeth Council announced it would otherwise close. Volunteers paint the pool each May and during the 15 weeks it is open carry out daily inspection, servicing and cleaning, and drain and clean the pool a number of times. Please get in touch if you would like to help.

Most of the funding for the paddling pool has come from a ‘crowdfunding’ campaign in 2016, which raised more than £12,000. Urban Village estate agents have also been a key partner and sponsor in both years. We decided not to run another crowdfunding in 2017, but expect to do so in 2018 to cover costs for the next two years.