Can you take on a regular role?

Join our core team of volunteers to help us make sure we can keep delivering all our activities and our future ambitions for the park.


The Committee is the core team that meets regularly to co-ordinate FoRP’s activities. It includes the Trustees who are responsible for ensuring we are governed in line with our charitable objectives, and other co-opted members. The current members are listed below.

We need more committed Committee members, as either trustees or not. This can be flexible, e.g. sharing or combining a role, and according to individual capacity.

Other regular volunteering roles needed

  • Helping at events around the bandstand, e.g. setting up or serving refreshments
  • Organising guided walks such as our Bat Walks
  • Promoting and co-ordinating donations of trees and benches
  • Members of a projects group to help develop, fundraise for and monitor park improvement projects
  • A member with an interest in community safety to represent the charity at relevant local meetings.

If you can help us in any way in our search, email Lucy and Chris at to find out more or to arrange a chat.

Current Committee members


  • Lucy Hadfield – Chair
  • Chris Norris – Vice Chair
  • Dave Benson – Treasurer and Company Secretary
  • Julie Simpson – Events
  • Erica Walker – Paddling Pool, Photography Competition
  • Susanne Currid – Community Gardening

Co-opted members

  • Jacs Bell – Communications volunteer
  • Mandy Millward – Minutes Secretary