Renewal of major electricity cables running through Ruskin Park

UK Power Networks’ contractor Clancy Docwra will soon be starting work to renew major electricity cables running through Ruskin Park.

What will happen and when?

The cables to be renewed run from the north corner of the paddling pool picnic area, run south along the path, past the redgra hard pitches area, cross the green where the air ambulances used to land, crosses the path south of the bandstand, on to the south edge of the pond and straight from there diagonally to the Denmark Hill north gate. It is intended that the work will include improved access at this gate.

The route will avoid major trees and where non-valuable trees are affected, they will be replaced/improved, and any park furniture will be reinstated. Tree specialists are advising. Paths should not be blocked off completely, but may be narrowed for a period. There will be concentrated machinery noise, highest near to the Denmark Hill entrance.

Trenches will be dug first for new conduit, and filled in, section by section, and as a second stage the cable will be threaded through, with access points opened up  along the route.

Work will start in November and is planned to be complete by spring 2018, avoiding school holidays.

Why is this disruption to Ruskin Park necessary?

The cable is critical and feeds the electricity supply to Peckham. Renewal is necessary to guarantee ongoing supply. All south London’s electricity supply system is under increased pressure because of the Nine Elms development.

What is FoRP’s involvement?

FoRP has joined Lambeth Council to work with UK Power Networks and their contractor to help them to undertake this work as sensitively as possible to park users, and to the landscape and fabric of the park. FoRP wants park users to be kept informed. Winter is the best time for the work to be done and we have pressed the importance of keeping to the planned timescale, so that summer activities, such as the paddling pool, are not affected. No-one wants the timetable to slip.