Wheat Growing in Ruskin Park

For the past three years, the Friends of Ruskin Park have been working with the Brockwell Bake Association and the Friends of Brixton Windmill to grow heritage wheat and other crops in Ruskin Park, bringing alive the life cycle of natural and traditional food production. The wheat growing area in the park can be found close to Ferndene Road.

Latest activity

In February 2018 we are working with Operation Centaur to bring two shire horses to Ruskin Park. Ploughing took place on Friday 9th February, with local schoolchildren in attendance and coverage on BBC London News. The next opportunity to see the horses in action will be on Saturday 17th February between 10am and 2pm, when they are returning to harrow and we will be sowing wheat and beans.

Richard Baker Photography

How to get involved

This is a really exciting time for the project. We are planning a big volunteer day in August to harvest, thresh and winnow the wheat grain, followed by a celebratory harvest festival in the park in September 2018.

We will need volunteers with a variety of skills to make the project a success. This could involve giving just a few hours or a making more regular commitment. In particular, we need volunteers who are able to help lead the project in the future. We will offer volunteers plenty of support.

If you are interested in getting involved, please talk to us on the day or contact Charlotte at community@friendsofruskinpark.org.uk or call 07841 830463.

Additional information

The horses come from Operation Centaur, a charity based in Richmond Park protecting now rare traditional working horses and equine-assisted therapy, to improve the health and wellbeing of communities.

Using horses instead of machinery through traditional land management practices is a sustainable way to cultivate parkland, offering lower noise disturbance to wildlife and lower soil compaction. The Historic Royal Palaces and the Royal Parks have worked with these horses for 25 years on various conservation projects.

The project is in partnership with the Friends of Brixton Windmill and Brockwell Bake Association and will help develop our ongoing relationships with other food-growing projects in the local community.

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