Coronavirus and Ruskin Park

Staying safe in Ruskin Park

Ruskin Park is currently open during daylight hours, and can now be used for leisure activities such as sunbathing as well as exercise. The toilets, playground, wildlife pond area and the Steel Warriors gym are closed. The tennis courts have re-opened.

For the park to remain safe and open, we ask you to follow this updated guidance:

  • Avoid using the playground and Steel Warriors gym
  • Stay two metres away from people outside your household at all times
  • Keep dogs on leads in the park at all times
  • Do not enter the wildlife garden or other closed areas
  • Only use benches on your own or with members of your household
  • Do not gather in groups of people not from your own household – you can spend time with one other person outside your household, while staying 2m away from each other

All Friends of Ruskin Park group activities remain suspended. This means that are no organised volunteering sessions or gardening workshops. Parks are vital green community spaces, now more than ever. We will focus our efforts on ensuring everyone can safely benefit from what Ruskin Park has to offer.

Read on for more information on the measures you can take to help the park stay safe and open.

Stay two metres away from those outside your household

While in the park, it’s important to remain two metres away from those not in your household. This is because the virus spreads via droplets from an infected person sneezing or coughing. Some infected people don’t have symptoms, so we all need to behave as if we and every person we encounter outside of the home could be infected and could sneeze or cough at any time.

This applies to runners and walkers. Please keep adjusting your course to ensure you stay two metres away from others.

Do not gather in groups of more than two people, unless you are all members of the same household.

Internal gates and dog walking

Lambeth has agreed that the internal gates in the park will remain open, so please do not touch them. Dog-walkers are now asked to keep their dogs on lead at all times when in public, and most importantly in the on-lead areas of the park. The on-lead areas of the park are there for the safety of young children, wildlife and delicate plants. Keeping your dog on a lead will reduce the likelihood of unnecessary human contact.

For information about the symptoms of coronavirus and steps you should take to protect yourself and others, please visit the NHS website.

If you have any questions about the Friends of Ruskin Park, please email