Coronavirus and Ruskin Park

Exercising safely in Ruskin Park

As we try to adjust and cope with daily events, many more people are using the park than usual. This is completely understandable, it is usually a place for exercise, play and sanctuary, particularly in good weather. The government believes that too many people are not heeding their advice to change their behaviours to contain the virus spread, including a minority of park users. Now parks can only be used for exercise once a day. We want:

  • to support Lambeth in communicating public health messages
  • all park users to heed advice and comply with the limitations
    • stay 2 metres away from other people in the park, even while running
    • go out to exercise only once per day
    • never use the closed playground or sports facilities
  • our park to be safe and to continue to stay open

Internal gates to remain open; dogs-on-lead areas still in place

Lambeth have agreed that the park’s internal gates should stay open. It’s important that dogs are kept under control everywhere in the park in order to minimise unnecessary human contact.

Dogs should still be on leads in the designated areas. On-lead areas of the park are there to protect young children, wildlife and delicate plants.

Friends of Ruskin Park group activities and volunteering cancelled

All Friends of Ruskin Park group activities remain suspended. This means that are no organised volunteering sessions or gardening workshops. Parks are vital green community spaces, now more than ever. We will focus our efforts on ensuring everyone can safely benefit from what Ruskin Park has to offer. If you have any questions please email

Closure of the toilets, playground and sports facilities

Lambeth council have issued a statement about parks:

All Lambeth parks remain open for now. All playgrounds and parks sports facilities including changing rooms are closed. Toilets in parks remain closed. We do not currently have the resources to sanitise the facilities and want to reduce the risk of transfer of coronavirus to any users and staff.

They will update this after the PM’s Monday briefing and put up notices in parks with the conditions park users must follow to contain the virus spread. Otherwise, parks might be closed completely.

For information about the symptoms of coronavirus and steps you should take to protect yourself and others, please visit the NHS website.