Who are we?

The Friends of Ruskin Park have, since 1996, worked to ensure our park is well cared for and maintained, and has a planned and healthy future, preserving it for future generations. In 2016 we became a charitable incorporated organisation.

In 2016 we became a registered charity and we are governed by our constitution and accountable both to our members and to the Charity Commission.

We work closely with Lambeth Council and others with an interest in the park. It is more important than ever that the Friends are supported by our members, donors, volunteers and the wider community.

Our aims

  • To work collaboratively with the park’s landlord, Lambeth Council, and its tenants, to help their management to maximise all aspects of the quality of Ruskin Park, as desired by park users and within available resources.
  • To engage park users and the wider community in maintaining and improving the park for their own health and wellbeing, for now and in the future, and balancing their different interests.
  • To run, sponsor or support specific desired events and activities for and with park users, and capital projects for improvement of physical assets, that would not otherwise happen.
  • To ensure we have the resources to achieve the above aims – financial, people, communications and governance.

Annual Report 2017

We have produced our first Annual Report since becoming a charity last year. You can download the Annual Report here. This includes a summary of our activities and achievements, trustee’s priorities for 2017/18 and our accounts.