Are you interested in becoming a trustee of Friends of Ruskin Park?

We are looking for new trustees and a new vice chair to join FoRP.  A trustee doesn’t need to be an expert, or have experience, but they need to be reliable about what commitment they can make. The main roles of a trustee involve:

  • Taking collective leadership and responsibility with other trustees for the strategic, legal, financial and operational decision making to run the Friends of Ruskin Park, which operates as a charitable incorporated organisation.
  • Attending some of FoRP’s events during the year and taking on particular roles e.g. on behalf of trustees, or another voluntary activity within our agreed plan.
  • Working in teams of diverse members and understanding other people.
  • Sharing in some hands-on work, e.g. admin tasks, or work in the park.
  • Giving at least half a day a month on average.

Our current vice chair, Chris Norris, is stepping down after nearly 4 years in the role and so we also need an experienced trustee to take on this role. The position of vice chair is an important one. You need to feel committed to, and understand the various interests of Ruskin Park and all its users, and act as an advocate.

In addition to the responsibilities listed above the vice chair supports the chair to lead the team. They will need to be informed about the context around FoRP in order to be effective. The chair and vice chair lead the crucial relationship FoRP has with Lambeth Parks, the managers of Ruskin Park. This role involves a more regular time commitment.

If you would like to have an informal conversation about the role of trustee or vice chair, please contact Lucy Hadfield at