November pond update from Lambeth Council

Lambeth recently updated the Friends on investigations into the water shortage in the main pond, as well as short and long-term solutions. Sadly progress has been slow and we’ll continue to press for faster action. Progress and potential actions are summarised, and the full Lambeth report is available (pdf).

Pond water source investigations

Specialist investigations into the supply of top-up mains water have shown the old supply was cut off completely long ago and it’s not clear what the source was. Likewise, the source for the old drinking fountain close to the pond is as yet unknown.

A short term remedy

Investigations with Thames Water into where the supply from outside the park came from originally are now needed in order to reinstate it. This work will be delayed by the new Covid restrictions. When there is a water supply in place, reed beds would need to be installed to filter the water, but this should be straight forward. The pond has filled up a bit with rain and it does appear to be holding.

Identifying and fixing the root cause – a long term solution

AGA Group, an experienced lake and wetland landscaping and restoration company, have investigated and identified many factors may be relevant, but not the definitive root cause/s of the pond drying out. Three possible cause scenarios were identified and some possible actions. The pond is very shallow and over-silted, preventing full investigation. A first step might be to drain and de-silt it, to enable further investigation.  The costs are being assessed.

The Friends’ response

We are not yet sufficiently reassured by these reports, or the progress being made, and will keep pushing Lambeth.