Fixing the main pond in Ruskin Park

Update – 16th September 2020

Lambeth Council is working on the restoration of the pond. We have been pressing hard for action and information, and they have given us the following update:

  • Lambeth have appointed a contractor for re-instating the mains water supply (for topping-up the pond). The start date has not been confirmed, but is due within a few weeks.
  • Lambeth have asked for a report on a sustainable restoration of the pond from an expert and trusted pond restoration company. They also plan to filter out non-ecological chemicals from mains water (when available) by creating filter beds out of readily available materials as a first step.

If you have more concerns or observations, please contact Lambeth Parks direct at

We, the Friends of Ruskin Park, find the dismay, frustration and concern about the lower-than-ever pond levels has been absolutely justifiable. We asked Lambeth Parks questions regarding causes of the problems, solutions and time-frames for action, and their responses are now available to read (pdf).

Sadly, there’s no simple or quick explanation or remedy. It is a changing, moving process. Lambeth will provide updates as they happen, which we will pass on.

We, the Friends, are not able to answer detailed queries, but will continue pressing Lambeth to progress and keep us informed. For more information regarding this issue, please contact Lambeth at

We now have responses to the questions we’ve asked:

  • As the unusual lowering of pond water levels in summer was reported by the Friends of Ruskin Park and other members of the public in 2018 and in 2019, why haven’t a thorough investigation or tests been undertaken?
  • Is there a problem with water outflow as well as inflow?
  • What water has been feeding the pond – natural sources e.g. spring water, or piped supply from Thames Water?
  • Why has inflow water stopped?
  • UK Power Networks’ contractors worked very close to the pond inflow in 2018. Is that associated with the cause?
  • What is the effect on the wildlife, particularly the waterfowl?
  • What is the resolution action plan now?
  • Is it possible to fill the pond as a quick fix if a permanent solution is longer term?

Read Lambeth’s responses to our questions (pdf)

This issue will not rest until the problem has been resolved.

For more information, please contact Lambeth Parks at

Last updated: 25 August 2020