Our plans for 2020

We hope 2020 will be a year of exciting events and park improvements, from our fete and concerts to better care for our wonderful trees. After reflecting on our activities in 2019, we have agreed the following priorities.

Park maintenance

pondWe will monitor progress and work with Lambeth Landscapes, and where appropriate provide volunteer support, for the following:

  • Paddling pool
  • Wildlife garden and main pond
  • Labyrinth Garden and surrounding beds and focal points
  • Benches, including encouraging park supporters to consider donating a bench in the park.
  • Litter management
  • Tree management
  • Changes to dog free/restricted areas to support the Masterplan
  • Measures to reduce anti-social behaviour or violation of parks bylaws.

Masterplan and capital improvements

We will work with Campbell Cadey architects and Lambeth Council to develop and publish a Masterplan, providing guidance on priorities, funding and opportunities as they arise in the future. 

We will push for progress and improvements in areas such as:

  • Better sports, fitness and play facilities
  • Plans to restore and bring the former stable block back into use
  • Improvements at the Denmark Hill entrance
  • The Community Garden and areas to be vacated by Trees for Cities
  • The listed Mendelsohn Sundial
  • Signage and way-finding
  • Art in the park.

Park heritage

We’ll ensure that awareness of the heritage of the park is considered in all capital improvements and relevant activities, building on the outcomes of the John Ruskin at 200 programme and involving supportive partners.


summer feteWe’ll deliver an events and activities programme, including the summer fete, music at the bandstand and other events, subject to resources. We’ll also endorse and/or support other events.

To get involved in event planning or volunteering on the day, please get in touch.

Involving members and growing our volunteer base

Over the past year we’ve endeavoured to increase our volunteer base but still have an urgent need for more local park users to get involved, such as by helping with event organisation and projects. We need to balance bidding for new grants with our capacity for delivering projects. We also want to give all members more opportunities to get involved over the course of the year, through open meetings or working groups.

Please get involved.