Removal of the Skate Ramps

We were surprised, like others, when the ramps were dismantled last week without letting anyone know beforehand. The explanation we have been given by Lambeth Council is as follows:

The ramps were installed over 10 years ago and were recycled from Clapham Common. However, they weren’t deemed fit for purpose by the skating community and so were always intended to be moved on, when resources were available. They were now are at the end of their life and deemed unsafe.

There are plans in the pipeline to use this space to extend the play area to provide more and even better facilities for older children as well as younger ones.  There will be opportunity for further engagement from play area users before a final decision is made on exactly what play provision will be installed, and the design.

For now, the ground will be made good and the space will remain a flexible space for users of all ages, e.g for scooters.

The Friends of Ruskin Park want to see the project for enhanced play facilities start as soon as possible and for users to be consulted. It is a shame to have a period when there is a gap in that space. We hope there will be some solid news about play in the future to report within a few months.