A strategic vision for Ruskin Park

For a few years, we have been working with Lambeth Council and local architects Campbell Cadey to develop a clear and coherent vision for possible investment in the park. Campbell Cadey have now provided us with the strategic masterplan, based on three key principles:

  • Enhance and Maintain. Whatever else is implemented, maintenance must be further improved.
  • Legible, Accessible and Safe. The park should be welcoming and inclusive.
  • Engaging and Joyful. We need a range of features and facilities to help people get the most from the park.

Our clear priority now is to make the case to Lambeth Council and others that Ruskin Park needs investment. Public finances are stretched, but parks should be bigger priority given the health and wellbeing benefits they deliver. We think we are being heard but there is a lot more work to do.

We hope some improvements could be delivered in the next few years, such as repairs to paths and improved signage. It will take longer to secure bigger changes such as new sports and play facilities or a bigger café. We are also planning to run fundraising campaigns, for trees and other planting to add interest and biodiversity.

Please continue to feed in your thoughts and comments. We planned to hold an informal meeting for park users in April to answer questions and discuss specific issues, and will reschedule this when we can.

Read more and download the masterplan