Volunteering at the Paddling Pool

In 2016, we managed to save the Paddling Pool from closure after a phenomenal response from the local community to our crowdfunding campaign. However, to keep it open we need both regular and occasional volunteers to help with practical activities like cleaning and filling the pool.

We need new volunteers now to help with the following tasks:

The daily morning routine

Every morning one volunteer will:

  • Do a litter sweep in and around the pool
  • Check the jets and pump are running ok
  • Empty the pump filter basket
  • Report any serious issues to the volunteer team leader.

We try to complete this before people get to the pool, i.e. before 9.30am. Time taken 15-20mins.

The weekly deep clean

Every 1-2 weeks a team of 5-10 volunteers will:

  • Pull the plug on the pool
  • Brush and hose down the bottom of the pool as it drains
  • Start the refilling of the pool (fills overnight).

We carry this out every 1-2 weeks, usually on a Friday evening between 7pm and 9.30pm. This task is carried out as part of a team, led by one of our experienced volunteers. Time taken 2-3 hours.


No prior experience is necessary and all of our volunteers are trained on the job. You’re welcome to shadow existing volunteers until you’re comfortable on your own, or leading others.

Look out for messages on Facebook that explain when the weekly deep cleans are taking place. Or get in touch with us if you’d like more information or be on the rota for the daily morning routine.