Paddling Pool refurbishment begins

Friends of Ruskin Park volunteers have been running Ruskin Park’s much-loved paddling pool since 2015, working with Lambeth Council and local estate agents Urban Village.

Last year we launched a fundraising campaign to refurbish the paddling pool. We raised more than £16,000 from donations thanks to a fantastic community response, secured £20,000 from Lambeth Council and received a generous donation of £10,000 from Urban Village. We were also supported by grants including from the Herne Hill Forum and Herne Hill Society. Thank you!

Work is starting now

In partnership with Lambeth Council, experienced contractors have been appointed and are now working on site. We expect the refurbishment to be completed in April, with the paddling pool opening from late May to early September as usual.

The result will be a pool which is clean, fun and can be operated safely for years to come. Improvements will include:

  • More water jets. The number of water outlets to the pool will increase from two to ten, improving water circulation and making it easier to keep clean.
  • New plant room and equipment. New pumps, filtration and automatic chlorine dosing equipment will be housed in a new above-ground enclosure. They’re currently in “the pit” which is difficult for volunteers to access and prone to flooding.
  • Repairs to the pool surface. The contractors will repair damaged expansion joints, completely sand down the pool surface and apply new anti-slip paint.
  • A dedicated mains water. Rather than sharing a supply with the café and toilets, it will have its own Thames Water connection. This will make the pool quicker to fill and work more efficiently.

How you can help

  1. Continue to donate at to help with running costs following the completion of refurbishment works.
  2. Help out when you can with tasks such as cleaning and filling the pool. Learn more about volunteering and join the Save Ruskin Park Paddling Pool group on Facebook to hear about opportunities.
  3. Put all your rubbish in the bins provided, or take it home if the bins are full. Sadly a lot of volunteer time is spent cleaning up.

If you have any questions please email